Monday, June 30, 2008

New menu item

Sticky and tasteless rice cereal. Yum. No wonder most of it ended
up on his face rather than in his tummy.
And, at the end of the meal, he wasn't the only one who looked
like this (ahem).

Horrific realization for an OCD mom -- Oh god, this s**t's like glue!

Say it, don't spray it

KC showed off his newest talent...raspberries.
(thus, the ever-present bib)

It's all realitive(s)

We traveled by plane (gulp) to Connecticut so KC could
meet the family -- four generations to be exact.
The weekend couldn't have been more fun!

Kelan lounged on Grandpa during lunch.

Emma-Hayes casually sat on her Aunty's lap and shared her
goldfish snacks with everyone.

Clearly a happy camper in his Great Aunty Margaret's arms.

E-H kicked back with the big folks in her Adirondack chair.

Friday, June 13, 2008

First (15 minute) boat ride

Braving the waters of Lake Norman in his ultra
uncomfy life vest.

Needless to say, it was a very quick trip.

Summer attire?

Of course. Who doesn't wear sweaters when it's scorching
hot in the south? G-ma Holland knitted this sweater -- unfortunately,
it'll be KC's first and last time wearing it before the appropriate season.


Innately, Kelan knows that, "once licked, it's all MINE."

And, if you suck it, there's no returning it...ever.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New kicks for the kids

John Deere is Haute Coutre in the south.

We southerners know how to coordinate, right?
What's not to love -- seersucker and JD.

Belle embraces her inner cowgirl.

We're amused but Otis not so much.

Nekkid baby!

Buns!!  The irresistible pinch...

Family fun

Everyone say "Cheese!" (Otis disobeys...again)

Life is good (despite the sleepness nights)

Hey, it's like hearing the ocean in a seashell. Kinda...

Auntie Christi visits the Rewis'

Soul sistahs - 'nuf, said -- who can deny the resemblance.

Can't contain ourselves -- we had a

Visit to Wilmy-Wood! ( Wilmington, NC, that is...)

Foot loose and fancy free mothers -- 1st evening with
a babysitter and dinner at the Bridgetender with Auntie KK. 
Ahh, freedom!

One of a kind -- the first family portrait.

The Three Musketeers!